Daily do’s & dont’s to prevent your brows from ageing.

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DO - Rest your brows from makeup products. 

As much as we all love a nice filled in brow, try to give them a break every now and then and show them some TLC by using a brow serum such as the MBA Brow & Lash Serum. This will nourish and promote hair growth. A lot of brow product over time can dry out the skin and brow hairs causing dehydration, making them appear coarse and appear frazzled. 

DON'T - Overdo the brow product application

Remember to be light handed when applying your brow makeup products. Light feathery strokes going with the hair will give you a soft natural effortless look. If you prefer a heavier brow, always start lightly and slowly build the product. Remember, it’s always easier to add product than to remove it. 

DO - Avoid the Air conditioner

We all know how nice Air-Con can be on a hot summers day or ice cold winter's night, but always try to avoid sitting in the direct line of the A/C air. This can dehydrate your skin and hair, causing flaky brows and slow down the hair growth cycle. 

DON’T - Try to pluck or wax your own brow! Leave it to the Pro’s

We all know how tempting it can be to pluck out those sneaky little hairs that grow back quickly! But let's leave that one to the Pro’s to avoid taking away that, one to many! Taking away one more hair than you should can make your brows appear gappy and uneven, making it hard for your eyebrow technician to fix or maintain your brow shape and turning you away to grow them out longer. Keep on top of your brow appointments by booking them in advance and regularly to avoid any accidents at home! 


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