The woman behind the tweezers:

Masoumeh Rabii is the highest rated eyebrow specialist and technician based in Sydney, Australia who has brought out the beauty in some of Australia's most recognisable faces. Known for her keen eye in creating the perfect brow for various face shapes and features, combined with her precise and quick fingers - she is widely respected in the industry.

Masoumeh realised her passion for the art of brows at a young age. Infatuated with creativity as well as the symmetry, eyebrows soon caught her talented eye. Intrigued by their delicate form and precise lines, Masoumeh launched her eyebrow empire at the tender age of 19 and has established a sanctuary for her regular, unisex clientele.

Dedicated to the craft of eyebrows, Masoumeh visualises the final product before she begins, then works towards the vision. She sees faces in dimensions — optimising her client's natural features with the precision of a skilled expert. This is what makes her the best brow technician in Sydney.

With a unique approach to creating the perfect brow, Masoumeh’s signature methods are second to none. 'We know how to make you look and feel beautiful. It's easy. Perfect brows and great lashes!'

Your experience easy, honest beauty at the best eyebrow grooming boutique Masoumeh Brow Artistry in Sydney!