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Cosmetic tattoo



Masoumeh Brow Artistry offers Sydney’s finest cosmetic tattoo treatments with a wide range of options available and suitable for all types and shades of eyebrows and lips. Our professional technicians use only sterile, certified and quality cosmetic tattoo materials to ensure high standards of hygiene, maximum satisfaction and instantly noticeable results. 

Book in your Ombre Brow consultation with alite artist Masoumeh Rabii to discuss whether you may be a suitable candidate for cosmetic tattoo procedure. During this consultation, Masoumeh will use her signature Pre-draw and Mapping method for your brow shape and provide you with pre-treatment and post-treatment care information.

If you are a suitable candidate, the next available time for the service will be offered to you. The consultation fee will be credited on the day of your treatment towards your Ombre service only.

MBA Ombre is a cosmetic tattoo technique which leaves a behind a soft powdery finish within a crisp design. This technique is applied using the traditional machine method and is great for all individuals especially those who have little to no hair, oily skin, or those who prefer a more defined brow shape. MBA Ombre is less invasive, virtually painless and has longer lasting results that you love.

Lip Blush is a semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo that gives the lips added colour and fuller appearance. Where in the past, the treatment used carbon-based tattoo ink, resulting in harsh lines today's lip blushing game has stepped up to a whole new level.

A much more natural approach to the traditional lip tattooing of the past, natural shades of organic pigment are used in your desired colour and applied using a cosmetic tattoo machine, giving the illusion of fullness and symmetry.

MBA Ombre and Lip Blush colour boost is only available for clients whom have been initially treated by Masoumeh Brow Artistry.